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1. Shorter If…Else Statements with Ternary Operators

let money = 100if money > 0 {
print("Some money")
} else {
print("No money")
money > 0 ? print("Some money") : print("No money")

2. Destructuring Tuples

func getInfo() -> (name: String, email: String) {
return (name: "Matt", email: "")

Learn how to add a continuously flowing smooth animated gradient to your app.

Setting Up a Gradient

Choosing the colors

Using the Colors

let color1: CGColor = UIColor(red: 209/255, green: 107/255, blue: 165/255, alpha: 1).cgColorlet color2: CGColor = UIColor(red: 134/255, green: 168/255, blue: 231/255, alpha: 1).cgColorlet color3…


Learn what are structures and classes, what are the key differences and how to choose between them.

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A Brief Comparison

The Key Difference

JavaScript shorthands to make your code clean and concise

Drawing of monitor displaying code
Drawing of monitor displaying code
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1. One-Liner If-Else Statements

if (10 < 100) {
} else {
10 < 100 ? console.log("True") : console.log("False");
condition ? trueExpression : falseExpression

Learn a bunch of one-liners to improve code readability

Laptop on desk
Laptop on desk
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1. One-Liner If-Else Operator

money > 0 ? print("Some money") : print("No money")
condition ? true_expression : false_expression

2. Swap Two Variables Without a Helper

Useful tips and tricks that I use every day

Glow-in-the-dark plugs
Glow-in-the-dark plugs
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1. Swap Two Variables With One Line of Code

a = 1
b = 2
a, b = b, a

2. Duplicate Strings Without Looping

name = "Banana"
print(name * 4)

3. Reverse a String

sentence = "This is just a test"
reversed = sentence[::-1]

Make a function accept any number of arguments by using *args and **kwargs

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Woman using laptop
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Args in Python

numbers = [1,2,3]mySum(*numbers)…

Boost your Golang program by running multiple tasks at the same time

Go mascot on a running track
Go mascot on a running track
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What Are Goroutines?

Make your coding life easier with these amazing command-line tools

Old keyboard
Old keyboard
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1. Taskwarrior

Learn what closures and anonymous functions are with simple and helpful examples

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What Are Anonymous Functions in Go?


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