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1. Shorter If…Else Statements with Ternary Operators

let money = 100if money > 0 {
print("Some money")
} else {
print("No money")
money > 0 ? print("Some money") : print("No money")

2. Destructuring Tuples

func getInfo() -> (name: String, email: String) {
return (name: "Matt", email: "")

Learn how to add a smoothly animated gradient to your app.

Setting Up the Gradient

Choosing the colors

Using the Colors

let color1: CGColor = UIColor(red: 209/255, green: 107/255, blue: 165/255, alpha: 1).cgColorlet color2: CGColor = UIColor(red: 134/255, green: 168/255, blue: 231/255, alpha: 1).cgColorlet color3: CGColor = UIColor(red: 95/255, green: 251/255, blue: 241/255, alpha: 1).cgColor

Initializing the Simple Gradient


Learn what are structures and classes, what are the key differences and how to choose between them.

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Structs vs Classes

A Brief Comparison

The Key Difference

Ace your next coding interview

Females interviewing
Females interviewing
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1. Name Some Differences Between a List and a Tuple


  • Mutable
  • Higher memory consumption
  • A lot of built-in methods available
  • Slower iteration
  • Better for operations like insertion and deletion


  • Immutable
  • Lower memory consumption
  • A small number of built-in methods available
  • Faster iteration
  • Better for accessing elements

2. What Does the Range() Function Do?

Save time and increase your productivity

Jupyter Notebook logo
Jupyter Notebook logo
Image by the author.

1. Shell Commands

!pip install Tkinter

2. View a List of Shortcuts

  1. Open up a Jupyter Notebook.
  2. Activate the command mode (press…

Practice your Python skills by implementing a linked list

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What Is a Linked List?

  • Data (such as a number)
  • Pointer to the next node

Level up your JavaScript skills

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1. One-Liner If-Else Statements

2. Remove Duplicates From an Array

Make the most of your simulations by knowing how to animate graphs.

Animated sine wave
Animated sine wave
  • How to create a basic Matplotlib plot.
  • How to create a basic animated plot using Matplotlib.
  • How to create a live-updating graph of a stock price.


Treat errors with care.

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Throwing Functions

Error Handling

Do-Try-Catch Structure

Write about anything with amazing results

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  • If you pick a niche with high competition, your blog gets bashed by high-authority competitors.
  • If you pick a niche nobody is interested in, your blog won’t be able to make an impact.
  • If you don’t pick a niche at all and write about everything, you end up with a bunch of confused readers.

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