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1. Shorter If…Else Statements with Ternary Operators

let money = 100if money > 0 {
print("Some money")
} else {
print("No money")
money > 0 ? print("Some money") : print("No money")

2. Destructuring Tuples

func getInfo() -> (name: String, email: String) {
return (name: "Matt", email: "")

Learn how to add a continuously flowing smooth animated gradient to your app.

Setting Up the Gradient

Choosing the colors

Using the Colors

let color1: CGColor = UIColor(red: 209/255, green: 107/255, blue: 165/255, alpha: 1).cgColorlet color2: CGColor = UIColor(red: 134/255, green: 168/255, blue: 231/255, alpha: 1).cgColor


Learn what are structures and classes, what are the key differences and how to choose between them.

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A Brief Comparison

The Key Difference

Make your life easier when dealing with arrays in JavaScript.

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1. Array.find()


2. Array.concat()

Use Swift’s built-in array methods to make your life easier and code prettier

Code on laptop
Code on laptop
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1. Array.filter()

Write less to achieve more.

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1. One-Liner If-Else

2. One-Liner Functions

3. Swap Two Variables without a Helper Variable

Learn one of the basics of iOS app development with easy and beginner-friendly examples

Learn Swift: Working with JSON
Learn Swift: Working with JSON
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What is a recursive enumeration and what does the “indirect” keyword do?

Code on laptop
Code on laptop
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enum Test {
indirect case value(Test)
indirect enum Test {
case value(Test)


Learn these amazing shorthands and one-liners for writing clean and fast code

Text on yellow background
Text on yellow background
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1. One-Liner if-else Statements

2. Nullish Coalescing

Learn some funny Python oddities

WTF?! Python (head exploding and lol emojis)
WTF?! Python (head exploding and lol emojis)

1. Sometimes Two Equal Numbers Aren’t Equal

>>> a = 256
>>> b = 256
>>> a is b
>>> a = 257
>>> b = 257
>>> a is b

How does it work

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